Dive into the Deep

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When you think of the sea, you think of a variety of blues. So for this nail design, a dark blue and a light blue was used. Shading colors together on nails is actually not as hard as you think. This is what you will need: the two colors you will use, triangular shaped foam makeup pads, scissors, and a nail art pen with white nail polish. I use a bottom coat and top coat insta dry, but that is not necessarily needed, it is up to you. Start off by cutting the makeup pads in half with your scissors. Cut them according to the size of your nail. You will use these to paint on the two colors at once. If you are using a bottom coat, apply that first. Next, apply one coat of the lightest color on your nails. Then, take one color at a time and brush them onto the makeup pad in whatever order you want the colors to be on your nails. Gently dab the makeup pad onto your nails, slowly blending the two colors together. You will need to keep reapplying color onto the makeup pad usually after every nail or two. (It actually doesn’t take that long, I promise). Once you have completed all your nails, wait a few minutes to give them time to dry. Next, take your nail art pen (you can also use a toothpick dipped in white polish) and create dots from a corner of your nail, and bring them along the sides. These end up looking like bubbles in water. If you are using a top coat or quick dry, wait for the dots to dry and apply that last. You have now finished your ocean inspired nails.
Tips: When you do this the first time, it may seem a little difficult or tedious, but it gets easier and easier each time you do it. This process probably takes about half an hour or less.

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