Summer Heat

firenails1 firenails2

These nails are inspired by the heat that comes with the season! The colors on these are great for the summer: bright and fiery! The hombre nails are done the same way you do the ocean inspired pattern.  However, you have to be much more careful when using these colors since the yellow is so bright and the red is darker. Go slow and they will turn out just the way you like! These colors would also look nice on someone with longer nails so you can better notice the hombre effect (sorry about my short nails, oops!). This pattern and color selection are bound to stand out during any occassion!
Tip: If you are using a quick dry top coat like I usually do, make sure you run the brush very lightly on the nail when using these colors. Since there is such a difference between the two, if you press too hard with the brush, the red will smear into the yellow. Be cautious!

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