This pattern certainly took longer than any other pattern I’ve done, but it was worth it! They’re so colorful and great for the summer. If you want to accomplish this pattern, you will need two different color polishes, normal tape, and a nail art pen (or even just a toothpick dipped in some white polish). I also used the Sally Hansen bottom coat and the Sally Hansen Quick-Dri. I started by applying a bottom coat then doing two coats of the lightest color (the mint green/blue) and letting that dry. Next, I got a piece of tape, about an inch long (depending on how long your nails are) and placing it diagonally on my nail. Then I painted the second color on my nail where there was no tape. I peeled off the tape (fairly quickly) and there you have it! Your two colors. I did this on every nail and let them dry for a bit. Then with my nail art pen I dotted along the line where the two colors met. After that dried for a few minutes, I finished with the quick-dri. Although this design has a lot of steps, they turn out very nice:)


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