Burgundy Dress

photo 2

Words cannot explain how much I love this dress. The color is perfect for fall and winter; it’s practically all I wore in the winter. It has tiny cutouts at the waist which gives it some nice detail. These cutouts are also on the bottom, frilly part of the dress. It is so flowy, comfy, and completely versatile. It can be worn with black tights and boots with a sweater over it when it gets chilly…but can also just be worn by itself. However, when I went to buy it, the employee that was helping me said she had to buy it in a size bigger because, well, it’s a pretty short dress. I decided to do that and it worked out perfectly. No one knows what size you’re wearing, so if something looks cute on you, go ahead and buy it, no matter what the size! (Some pieces may not be the size you usually wear just because of the way it’s cut). This is such a nice dress and will remain one of my favorites! It was purchased at Melrose in the O.C. (www.melroseintheoc.com).

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