Adiós Nordstrom

Well, my summer job is officially over. I’m surprised at how short it was, but it was such a good experience! During my few weeks at Nordstrom, I learned way more than I ever expected. It was even harder than I anticipated, but I’m glad it was because I feel I have even more confidence now. I was proud to say I worked there and even made some friends along the way. If you’re looking for a nice place to work and you love a fashion environment, I recommend applying for a job at your nearest Nordstrom store. (Not to mention the employee discount was pretty good too.) 😉 However, I am a little happy it’s over because now I have more time to get prepared for college and buy stuff for the dorm. I’ll also have this last month at home to say goodbye to everyone who’s important in my life. Overall, I’m so glad I had this awesome working experience. Also, I apologize for not posting very often, but now that I’m not working anymore, I’ll be sure to keep the blog up to date:)

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