Marzia’s Spring Looks 2014

I have recently come across a YouTube account that I absolutely love! It is run by an Italian girl named Marzia and partly why I think she’s so great is that she has amazing taste in fashion. I found that she wears some of the styles I love so I began to look more into her fashion and beauty videos. This is one that I really like because she doesn’t just use pictures to show the outfit, she actually video tapes herself and shows the complete outfit and how it looks when you move around. Now, I know it isn’t spring time, but I feel some of the styles she displays are even good for the summertime. Best of all, she shows the brands she is wearing! On some of her other videos, she gives the exact websites where you can find what she posts. She has so many other videos that can give you great fashion advice. Go check out CutiePieMarzia!


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