"Daisy" by Marzia

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 6.32.46 PM

This shoe was designed by Marzia Bisognin. When I first saw her design on Instagram, I went crazy. I think it is so adorable with the pretty pale pink color at the toe and heel. The little gold studs are such a nice touch and give it an edgy look. I also think it’s nice how they have laces and cutouts on the sides. I don’t have any shoes that have this layout and I so wish I could get them. However, they are $209 and a soon to be college student does not have this kind of money unfortunately hahaha. If you like these, you can find them on Projectshoe.com. Marzia has named her design “Daisy.” I have put the exact link so it will go right to the “Daisy” page:) Happy online shopping!

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