Second Award Nomination

Hello lovely people! So I was nominated again for the Liebster Award by beautyguru98, thank you so much for the nomination! But since I already accepted the award once and followed the rules and requirements for it, I thought I would just respond to the questions asked by beautyguru98. Thought they might interest you all! Here they are:

1. What is your favorite color eye shadow? I’d say at the moment my favorite color eye shadow are probably nude colors. For example light browns and tan colors. I also really love smoky eye colors like grey and dark blues. I only just started wearing eye shadow more often for casual looks and I’m getting more into it. I’m looking forward to purchasing a set of eye shadows from Urban Decay’s Naked line.

2. What is your favorite brand lipstick? My favorite brand for lipsticks is probably MAC. I love their matte colors and their amplified ones as well. I own some pretty outrageous colors from them, and I think they’re fantastic! That’s the only brand of lipstick I own except for one tube from Rimmel, which is also very nice. 🙂

3. Do you like wearing heavier or lighter bronzers in the summer? This might sound weird, but I do not own any bronzers hahaha. I prefer just my foundation and a pink colored blush, if I’m in the mood.

4. How many primers do you own? None! However, I have been using a seaweed moisturizer under my makeup every morning. It has been very good for when my skin is dry and smells absolutely amazing and fresh! Hopefully in the future I can get some real primers.

5. What is your fave skincare product? That will probably have to be a mask. The skincare routine I am using right now has a specific mask that I use every other day. (The brand is called Dadashie, to be specific, but they are changing the name to Jon Ares. I have more information on this product in my previous answers to my first nomination). Masks make my skin feel so fresh and I always look forward to using them. I can see an improvement in my skin after using them and that’s always a plus!

6. Who is your favorite makeup artist and/or beauty guru? Recently I have been watching a lot of YouTubers and their makeup tutorials and tips. My favorites right now are CutePieMarzia and LaMadelynn. I’ve been buying some of the products they use since they are so inspiring! They have videos on casual ways to wear your makeup and even tutorials for fancier looks.

7. Do you use BB creams in the summer? I don’t have any BB creams, I barely even know what they are haha. (I get a little confused with the specifics about makeup, since I’m recently getting more into it). But I have been using Clinique for my foundation, which is a cream. I recently just switched to Laura Mercier so I’m going to try it out and see how it goes. (It is also a cream).

8. What makeup, if any, do you wear to the beach? I try not to wear any makeup to the beach. Keeping makeup off your skin as much as possible is good for it, especially when you’re going to get sandy anyway. Plus if you’re going in the water, all your makeup will wash off so I don’t really see the point haha. The beach and makeup definitely don’t mix.

9. In a typical day, how long does your beauty routine take you? It actually doesn’t take me too long. I’d say maybe half an hour. If I’m going to an important occasion where I have to dress myself up more, it might take me 45 minutes or even an hour.

10. Do you match your makeup to your outfit? Yes, definitely! On casual days, I’ll just do a nude eye since that matches with everything. It’s not too difficult to match your makeup to an outfit so I say, why not!

11. What is your favorite outfit to wear in the summer? Okay, last question! My entire wardrobe consists of summer clothing. My favorite would be a pretty, casual, short sundress. I just think they’re so cute for the hot weather and you can wear so much with them. Sandals, wedges, sun hats, necklaces, anything! They’re so wearable and easy and such an important part to a summer wardrobe!

Well, that’s all the questions I hope you enjoyed them! I put a couple links to fashion and beauty YouTubers and I really recommend you check them out! They have the best ideas, tutorials, and even lookbooks that are honestly amazing. Thanks again beautyguru98 for the nomination, it was awesome to get recognized again! <3

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