Mason Jars

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Painting some mason jars for the dorm room. I decided to use three of them for pens, pencils and maybe some makeup brushes. My roommate and I are using a turquoise and gold wallpaper so I matched the jars to that (two turquoise jars, and one gold). Glass is a difficult surface to paint on, so I prepped the jars with a layer of white gesso before using the color. I only did one coat of the gesso. I waited for that to dry for a day and then did a layer of the color. On some spots, the gesso peeled of, so I’m thinking two layers of gesso would have been better. The spots aren’t noticeable however, so it wasn’t a major problem. The pictures shown only have one coat of color on them, but I’m going to add another coat today. The gold might even need three because it’s a difficult color to work with. I’m really excited to see how they’re going to turn out! 🙂


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