balmain paris fall sweater watermelon shirt marie shirt hem detail bow detail boho shirt striped detail

This post is going to be a haul from I received quite a few things from this site because I was looking for big cozy things to lounge around and study in at school. I’m super happy with my purchase, but a couple of the shirts were crop tops and not oversized like I was looking for. But that’s okay because I still really love them! The first top is a super comfy graphic t-shirt. I love the way this fits. The next one is a sweater. I know its still summertime, but I wanted to prepare for the fall and winter when it gets chilly. I love the color and the knit fabric. This next shirt is a crop top with cute watermelons all over it. It also has little almost holes in it, which gives it a nice edge. Then there’s this adorable cat face shirt. I’m not a cat person at all, but this top reminded me of little Marie from The Aristocats. That movie totally reminds me of my childhood, so I just love this top. I also like the bottom hem and how it’s got a wavy cut. Another cute detail is the bow. It’s actually a separate fabric attached to the shirt and I love that about it. Lastly is this cool, boho, oversized top. I like how big and comfy this shirt is. The double pocket is also a nice, unique touch. The pattern on the sleeves and pocket is what makes this top look so bohemian.

That’s it for this haul, I hope you enjoyed! I might make separate posts for these shirts to go a little more into detail with them. Let me know if you guys would be into that or have any questions about these pieces! 🙂


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