Coldplay “True Love”

Brand new music video from Coldplay! They released it just today and being the complete Coldplay fanatic that I am, I’m beyond excited! This song “True Love” is from their newest album, Ghost Stories. As always, Coldplay has definitely delivered with this video. They’re always so creative and cool and this one is definitely up to par with the others. This one features Chris and an actress (I’m not sure what her name is or who she is, so if you know about her, let me know in the comments) in large, blown up suits. They are both sad people but have passion for what they love. I won’t give away every detail that’s in the video but I can tell you just how adorable and uplifting it is. They send a great message to viewers about never giving up. I really love how all of their videos are meaningful, especially this one. I love their new album and I’m so glad they’re making some more fun videos to go along with the songs. Can’t wait to see what’s next for my favorite band! ❤


2 thoughts on “Coldplay “True Love”

  1. I don’t always like Coldplay songs, but I love this one. The music video is sending a great message, I also like that.



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