Seven To Go

Seven days. One week. This is what I think to myself as I count the days down to move in. Can it really be possible that I only have that small amount of time left at the place I’ve spent growing up? With the people who’ve raised me and where I’ve made so many memories and friends? I’ve decided to take my thoughts throughout this adventurous college experience and write some posts about them. These will be for those of you who are going through the same situation now, for those of you who are high school seniors and preparing for the future, and for anyone who can relate to such a change in life. I want to write these especially if you’re going through the same worries and have the same anticipation that I do. But if you don’t, I hope you find them captivating and at some points, amusing! 

Seven to go. That same thought just keeps reeling through my head. I remember three months ago thinking, “Sage, you have so much time left, there’s nothing to worry about.” I was pretty much mistaken. Those three months went by SO quickly and my summer was a blur. I made amazing final memories with my friends and boyfriend, don’t get me wrong. But time literally flew by. The whole summer, as my anticipation for college got greater and greater, I was told by others and even by myself to just takes things one day at a time. That’s all anyone can do. One day at a time. To focus my energy at the present moment helped to take the edge off of the impending change in my life. Still, in the back of my mind, I knew the change was inevitable and I had to embrace it somehow. During senior year and even some time during the summer, I avoided conversations having to do with college. I wanted nothing to do with it. I didn’t want to accept the change. It scared me. I knew others couldn’t wait for college, but knowing myself, I didn’t want a major adjustment. However, more towards the middle/end of the summer, when I had no choice but to start shopping for my dorm, I found ways to accept college and even become a little excited about it. I had found a roommate and we are so much alike! We have very similar decorating styles, so we bonded over how we would decorate our dorm. I liked finding things for the dorm that I would be surrounded with for a year. Gradually, by doing this and talking more with my roommate, I’ve become more and more open to the idea of change. 

I’ve caught myself thinking that maybe instead of being sad or miserable these next couple months, that it would actually be exciting and I would meet new amazing friends and work on the things I am most passionate about. During this time in particular, all my friends are slowly starting to leave. I knew I could either be sad over this, or excited. I’ve decided to take the positive path. Seeing all the Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat stories of my friends entering college has made me happy. I cannot wait to see the incredible things they do and everything that is ahead of them. It gives me hope that maybe my days won’t be spent missing the ones I love. Maybe they’ll be spent improving myself and creating my own stories that I can contribute to all the different relationships I have. I want to go home during Christmas vacation and have endless stories to tell. Of course I will miss them all, but instead of giving all my energy into being sad about it, I will focus it on everything I love and making them proud and happy. This may sound cliché, but it really is true. Looking at the positive side of things will get you through any situation. It definitely has helped get me through this transition. 

When I get nervous those first few days at school, I’ll need to remind myself of this and I hope this advice helps you as well. Looking out to that seemingly endless, beautiful, blue ocean, I’ll remember all the amazing things ahead and the opportunities college will bring me and others. These are all my thoughts as I collect my things for this journey ahead. Next time I post about this will probably be when I’m there, at the very start of these next four years. Wish me luck!


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