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This My Wishlist post is from the website I don’t go on this website too much, but I notice many fashion gurus from the UK visit this site quite often. It’s not majorly expensive, which is nice. I’ve also noticed many stores are already bringing out their fall apparel. So I decided to check out Romwe’s sweaters and coats. They have a great selection so lets get started!

Romwe Snowflake and Heart Knitted Long Sleeves Navy Jumper

This is the first sweater that caught my eye. It has that ugly but cute sweater vibe to it. I like the colors in it and the subtle lines of hearts. I also really love how they styled it with the denim shirt underneath. It looks super warm and perfect for the fall/winter. I love oversized sweaters like this, especially for the season, so I really hope to get one like this soon. This is called Romwe Snowflake and Heart Knitted Long Sleeves Navy Jumper.

Asymmetric Hollow-out LIght Pink Jumper

Next up is this simple, pale pink knitted sweater. I know this is just a general fall/winter item, but I absolutely love the color and everyone needs something like this during the chilly weather. Sweaters like this are super cute with leggings or tights. It is such a cute girly color, but if you want to edge it up, some black leather tights would be perfect with this and paired with some spiked, studded jewelry. If it’s raining where you are, a jacket, pants, scarf, and combat boots would look adorable with this. I recently bought a sweater like this in a beige color from, which I also posted about so you can check that out if you’re interested. This sweater is called Asymmetric Hollow-out Light Pink Jumper.

Rolle-up Hoodied Blue Denim Coat Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 5.33.53 PM

This next jacket looks a little lighter, so it’s probably more suited for a California winter (pretty much constantly sunny, but so nice haha). I just think this jacket is so unique and I love how it’s denim. It looks so cute with the sleeves rolled up and it’s so casual. One of the best parts about it is the hood. I think jackets like this with hoods are awesome and perfect to throw over pretty much anything. Better yet, the inside of the hood has a cool print. It gives a nice little touch to this jacket. Lastly, for some reason I really enjoy the buttons. I think it gives a cool boho touch to it. This item is called Rolled-up Hoodied Blue Denim Coat.

Lapel Double Breasted Loose Trench Coat

This is the last item for this post. It’s a nice, long trench coat in a neutral color. Big coats like this are especially perfect for the winter and I definitely need to invest in one like this. One thing I really like about this one however, is the huge pockets on the sides. During cold weather months, you want to keep your hands warm, and those pockets are perfect for that. I love how items like this look adorable either buttoned up or open to show a knit sweater or cute top. Definitely a must have for winter! This coat is called Lapel Double Breasted Loose Trench Coat.

That’s all for this My Wishlist post! I hope you enjoyed it, Romwe is a really awesome website! I can’t believe fall is already almost upon us. The best part is definitely the clothes with all the layering and bundling up to keep warm. Get ready for the sweater weather! Let me know what you think of these items or the site! Happy online shopping! 🙂


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      Oh my gosh thanks so much! I’ll definitely find time to accept it after I move into my dorm hahaha:)

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