Lacey Lady

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So happy with these shorts I purchased from Melrose in the OC! They’re a black and white floral print with some nice lace at the bottom. They are super comfortable and look adorable even when you walk. Sine they’re pretty busy, I paired them with a simple black blouse. This top is super unique though because the sleeves and bottom have a scalloped pattern. It’s a soft polyester material and has a quilted texture. It’s a pretty stretchy material, which is nice. I accessorized the whole thing with a ring to wrist bracelet, which I have been absolutely adoring. I got that from Lastly, both the necklaces are also from Melrose in the OC. It’s a little difficult to see the smaller necklace, but it’s a very dainty gold necklace with a full and half moon that say: I love you to the moon and back. Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for such a thoughtful gift


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