WeWork Project: My Designer Dream Team

Hello beautiful people! I’m so excited to tell you about a creative project I have been asked to work on. WeWork is a co-working company that creates communities and workspaces that encourage others to pursue their passions. I am going to put together my own designer dream team and where I would like them to be centered from one of the WeWork company locations. I think the company has such a great goal to work towards so I hope you all enjoy my own designer team. My team will compose of designers that I think are the epitome of my own style. Hopefully through this, you guys can get to know me a little better and even learn more about the WeWork company.

I would have to begin my designer team with the fabulous Betsey Johnson. Ever since I was young I have loved her girly, edgy looks. I remember trying on some of her dresses and thinking how beautiful and unique they were. I absolutely love her purses and larger bags; they reflect who she is as a stylist so well. She is an energetic, happy person and is an inspiration for my personal style. She would definitely make some daring fashion choices in my team, but that’s exactly what I would want her to do. I know she could help create that feminine, punk rock look that she has always managed to pull off in her career. Who could forget her bouncing around on stage and her signature splits during appearances? She is the only person I would want to create this kind of look and I would trust her judgment 100%.


The next person I would no doubt need on my team is Lauren Conrad. I first found out who she was when I was young, on her show Laguna Beach. Growing up in Orange County as well, I found that I related to her California style. Ever since then, I loved to see how she was involved with fashion. From her FIDM days, and now to her own company, The Little Market. She is such an inspiration and has gone so far from a normal girl living in a beach community to a well-known fashion icon. She has such a girly style and wears items that are available to anyone. You can tell from the way she dresses that she is so down to earth, and that is exactly what young people need today. Conrad could appeal to that younger target market that I would definitely need to reach on my team.Unknown

Next, I would need to recruit Kate Spade and Steve Madden. Kate Spade has a similar girly style like Lauren Conrad, but I’d say her target market is more for a sophisticated woman compared to Conrad’s younger market. I think Spade’s style would balance out Johnson’s edgy pieces nicely, bringing out some beautiful pastel colors. I love her accessories, especially her wallets. They are simple, yet elegant. Steve Madden could supply the shoes for all these clothing designers. From his combat boots to his crazy heeled shoes, he could find something to go with every outfit. I believe Madden and Betsey Johnson actually did team up due to Johnson’s bankruptcy. I like that he stepped in and worked with her, and I love both their styles so I know it’s a perfect match.Unknown-2Unknown-1

This last person would not be able to join my team nowadays, unfortunately. I would like Coco Chanel to be involved. She would bring a cool, vintage feel to the group. I think her and Kate Spade could work well together. Chanel’s style is classic and feminine, not to mention her perfume is amazing, so that’s a must. I think her style could appeal to an older market, which would keep my team well rounded.


If I could pick from any location off of the WeWork site to be the center for my team, it would have to be the one in Hollywood, Los Angeles. As much as I would like to be involved with other countries, like Europe for example, Los Angeles is known to be a community that welcomes artistic minds. There are so many art museums and creative places to allow your mind to explore every artistic possibility. I personally love taking trips to L.A. and I feel very comfortable there. The company even has events that are coming up in this location, so it would be good timing for my team. I’d hope that the Los Angeles feel and the surroundings would inspire my team to create pieces for today and throw in some old trends to mix it up.

Overall, I think this team of designers would perfectly identify with my own personal style and be totally unique. I would want them to create feminine, grunge-like, and classic pieces to relate with every target market. I believe that a well-rounded team would be most successful in today’s world. I hope you all enjoyed what I imagine is the perfect designer dream team. I am grateful to the WeWork company for reaching out to me with such a creative project. Please check out their site, I have their locations linked at the beginning of this post. Let me know what you think of my design team and who your fashion inspirations are in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Sage 🙂

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