So excited that my Sheinside order finally came! I ordered these a few weeks ago I believe, so I was excited to finally get them. I’m still waiting on one more sweater, but I hope you like the purchase.


First up is a black knit sweater. It has a large skull on the front. It’s very unique and artsy looking. It’s knit in a way that gives it a striped appearance. The end of the sleeves and bottom of the sweater are synched. I thought this would be perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Can’t wait to wear it on a chilly day with some jeans, boots, and layered with a scarf and jacket.

FullSizeRender 2

Next up is a graphic t-shirt. I have a similar shirt from Sheinside like this and it’s one of my most comfortable shirts, so I wear it very often. I figured another one like it would be beneficial to my wardrobe. However, this one has a different design and brighter colors. It has a boxy kind of cut and it’s perfect if you want to throw on something comfortable but still cute and fashionable.

FullSizeRender 3

The last item is another sweater. I knew this would be absolutely perfect for Christmas. It’s a navy knit sweater with some designs at the bottom and ends of the sleeves. It’s the typical “ugly Christmas sweater” that I love for the season. I’ll definitely be wearing this often, especially on a rainy day with some hot chocolate watching a Christmas movie. (I’m kind of excited for Christmas haha). It’s a nice oversized sweater, and they have many of these at Sheinside, so check out the site if you’re interested! FullSizeRender 4

So excited to wear these in the chilly weather (assuming we’ll get any rainy days here). Sheinside has some super cute items right now especially for Thanksgiving and winter. Everything I’ve purchased from this site has been marked down significantly, which is why I buy from the site so often (not to mention everything they offer is amazing and beautiful). Happy online shopping!

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