My Christmas Wishlist

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Most of you who follow my blog notice the My Wishlist posts that I make every so often. I love writing these because I think it’s a great way to expose my readers to some new fashion companies who they aren’t aware of or don’t know much about. Plus I have a bad addiction to online shopping, especially since college has started because it’s a little difficult to get to the mall. Anyways, I thought I’d put a little twist on the My Wishlist posts and make them a Christmas list, since it’s almost December! With that being said, hopefully they will give you some ideas on good Christmas gifts for others or even yourself! (Let’s be real, you deserve a gift or two!)

So let’s get started! Everything here is either from Urban Outfitters or Free People. Lately, I’ve been really into the idea of layering small, dainty necklaces. There’s many pictures of those in this gallery. I love all the gold and moon shapes. The little black t-shirt dress I thought was really cool and edgy looking. I love how it looks like you’re wearing two layers of clothing. Next, the black hat with the flat top. I thought this was so unique and cute for the fall and winter seasons. The next couple pieces in this gallery are some sweaters. The first is a salt and pepper/black sweater. I just really like this look and thought it could be used for many different kinds of outfits. Then there’s the black and white striped sweater. I’m never one to turn down a black and white striped sweater, shirt, skirt, or anything else. I’m definitely a fan of this one! This next black dress might not be the best for the cold weather, but it could definitely be layered on a chilly California day. I also really liked the fringe on the front and especially in the back. It gives a modern day flapper look. Lastly, there are a couple of head pieces! I really love these, and even though I don’t own any (yet), I always think whoever is wearing them looks absolutely adorable.

I know I didn’t go too into detail about each piece, but I want these posts to be a collection of what’s on my mind fashion wise for the holidays and give you ideas. If you’d like to know anything else about these pieces including prices or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me or comment below! Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed!

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