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Hey guys! So sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve had finals for my university on top of a cold. Anyways, I got an email from Korrie from Dailylook.com and she had a great project for me to work on. I was asked to create a look I would put together for New Year’s Eve based on one of Daily Look’s little black dresses. I thought this was a great idea so the result is above. I picked this dress first of all because I love how flowy it is. The cinched sleeves are so nice and the sleeves actually have cutouts on the side. I have a similar dress to this and I can personally tell you that these types of dresses are so flattering but also very comfortable. Next I chose these chunky shoes. This definitely is my idea style with the girly dress and the edgy shoes. Then I decided to choose some jewelry to go along with the outfit. Mixing silver and gold is very in style at the moment and I love the look of it! So I picked a long gold necklace with two triangles. Also, to go along with that is a head piece with a gold chain and a black gem which goes on the forehead. Lastly, I found this adorable gold triangle ring that matches the necklace and the head piece. Every girl needs a little bag when going out during NYE. This silver clutch went perfectly with the outfit and I actually wish I could have it because it’s so adorable! It’s small and easy to carry around. If you want to drape it on your shoulder, it even has a gold chain. And the very last thing to top off this outfit is some O.P.I. silver glitter nail polish. I absolutely love the O.P.I. brand, they always have such beautiful polishes.

That wraps up my entire NYE outfit. All of these products can be found on the Daily Look website (except for the nail polish of course). This was so fun for me to work on and a great way for me to explore the site. Thank you so much Korrie for this opportunity and I am definitely a fan of Daily Look now and will be visiting and hopefully buying from it soon. I hope you guys enjoyed this look too and that it gave you some inspiration if you have plans for New Year’s Eve. Hope everyone’s Christmas was amazing! <3

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