WALK THE MOON “Avalanche”

If you’re a fan of WALK THE MOON, you must have heard of their new album Talking is Hard! I liked this band before, but I was surprised at how much I enjoy their new music. It is absolutely amazing! Here is my favorite song off of the album, called Avalanche. If your’e looking for some new music to listen to, I recommend buying this one. They have such a cool sound to them and the album art is totally cool. I like how artsy it is and the bold yellow color choice they used. My boyfriend bought the actual CD and they had such a nice message on the back of the cover. They explain how they hope this album will lift you up on a bad day and their drive for creating it. I definitely like them a lot more after listening to all their new music and I really hope I can see them in concert some time in the future.


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