Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

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This lip scrub from Lush is my new favorite beauty product at the moment. I’ve never owned a lip scrub before, and I’m bummed I haven’t. This product definitely works and makes your lips silky smooth. Dip your finger in the small bottle and you get almost a sediment-like product. I usually apply it on my lips and scrub them for as long as I feel is needed. The fun part is though, you are still left with some sediment on your lips, so all you need to do is lick off the excess hahaha. I was surprised at how good it actually tastes so this isn’t a hassle. However, sometimes it does get a little overpowering so once in a while i’ll just wipe off the excess with a towel. After it’s all off, I will then apply some EOS lip balm. When you use this product after the lip scrub, it feels so good and has a Burt’s Bees effect. You can feel it smoothing your lips and making them soft. It was a little pricey (considering I had to order online and pay for shipping), but it will definitely last you a long while. Can’t wait for the new Lush to open in the mall at home, I want to try out some more of their products! Enjoy!! ❤


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