Natural Toned Eyes (Inspired by Sydney Sierota)

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Here’s another makeup look that’s inspired by the lovely Sydney Sierota. Sydney is the singer from the band Echosmith; their most popular song is Cool Kids if you’re not familiar with the band name. I follow her on Instagram and she always has the most amazing natural eye makeup. I tried to recreate her look with the Naked 2 palette. Here are the steps you can take to create this natural toned look:

1. After applying some eyeshadow primer, (I prefer the original potion from Urban Decay), load your brush with the shade Suspect and brush that over your entire lid.

2. Take the shade Snakebite and apply that on the outer corners of your lid and continue it to the middle. Make sure this dark shade is blended nicely with the light Suspect shade.

3. After I finished with those two shades, I wanted to brighten up my eyes with a more golden shade. Take Half Baked and brush that over the Suspect shade you first used.

4. Take a smudging brush and load it with the Half Baked shade. Run that along your lower lash line. You can either put this along your entire lower lash line or just the inner half of it. Then load your smudging brush with the dark Snakebite shade. Put this along the outer half of your lower lash line. (If this sounded confusing,  refer to the photos above).

5. Next, using a dark brown eyeliner pencil, line your waterline and top lid. After I had lined my top lid, I wanted the look to be a little softer, so I smudged that line.

6. For a little more detailing and brightness, apply some of the Bootycall shade to your inner corners. Also use this shade with a fluffy brush to blend out the brown shades you used on your lid.

7. Finish off the look with some mascara. I used the Voluminous waterproof mascara.

This is a great look for the daytime and can even be intensified with darker colors for a night out. I would also pair this eyeshadow with some blue mascara. Blues and browns will definitely make your eyes pop. If you have any questions about the products I used or how to accomplish this look, please comment or contact me! Hope you all are having an awesome summer so far!!

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