Aqua Eyes

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Just a quick makeup look for you guys. For some reason I felt like trying a different makeup look I’ve never done before. This one was inspired by the ocean/summer. I took a lot of blue shades and made an ombre effect across my lid. I used so many different brands and shades and I just want this to be a quick little post, so if you’re curious as to what I used, comment down below! I know the quality isn’t as good as my other photos but I didn’t have any natural lighting since I did this at night, so I apologize for that. I think it’s a great look if you want a little pop of color. I added some white eyeliner in my waterline to brighten up the look since I had such a dark purple/blue shade on my outer lid.

I’m thinking about recreating this look and doing it with more elements added during the day. But for now, this is just an idea I’ve been having and inspired by Roxxsaurus’ look, which I posted about here. I used more purpley tones than she did, however. I’m bummed that the photos don’t show just how blue the middle tone is. It’s much brighter in reality and is actually a very beautiful shade for the summer.

This is very different from the natural shades that I usually use but once in a while I like to switch it up and try some brighter colors! Hope you enjoy and that it gives you some new makeup ideas!

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