Sage Advice: Stressing over your Major

Picking a major. This is a decision every high school graduate must make after their four years is up. It’s a pretty big decision and for some it may be stressful. For me, I didn’t have too much trouble choosing a major. I knew I wanted to do something artistic with my life and career. I started out by choosing a Visual Arts major with a concentration in drawing, painting, and printmaking. However, by finishing art classes and realizing just what that major meant, I knew I had to change things around a bit. This major meant that I would have to have an intense passion for art, which I do. But sitting in a studio all day just drawing/painting isn’t something I want to do, nor do I really have a passion for creating pieces for cities (i.e. parking structures, airports, etc.). I want to go out and work with the rest of the artistic community in different ways. Be that advertising, graphic design, or something else (I haven’t figured it all out yet). So I have decided that immediately next year I will change it to Graphic Design with a concentration in Art and Design (integrates both hands on artistic approaches and computer graphics into your studies).

So now you have a little back story to what I’ve decided so far, let’s get into what you can do. First, it’s okay to not know what you want to do! It can be really scary not knowing what exactly you want to work towards. But most high school graduates don’t know either! Don’t stress about it. College is about finding the things you love to do. Through taking G.E.’s, I’ve found this is a great way to find your niche. You may find something extremely interesting that you didn’t even know existed! Second, if it’s time to choose your major as a freshman and have no idea what to choose, just be undeclared! This is a great option and (for my college, at least) you don’t need to solidify your major until about sophomore year. Give yourself some time to experience life on your own and new academic studies. The worst thing you can do is stress over this; soak in every positive experience and learn from older college students. They’ve been through it all and are probably great resources to guide you through any problem or question you have.

I know I’m only going into my sophomore year of college, but you’d be surprised at how much you grow in that first year. So many people and classes have made my path clearer and more defined. It may not be completely figured out yet, but I sure am closer than ever. I really just wanted to share this advice with anyone who has just graduated high school and is going through the stressful process of moving out and preparing for their first year in college. Just remember, it’s only your first year. There’s a long ways to go, a lot to learn, but also so much to realize. Don’t be afraid. Embrace it. It’s all there to help you figure out what you want in a future career and discipline. YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT. And remember, whatever you choose is meant to be 🙂

I genuinely hope this helps anyone out there. I wish I knew just how true this all was when going into college. Good luck, you can do it! <3

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