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Finally got to go to my favorite place for breakfast today! My friends from college really got me hooked on acai bowls and Bonzai  Bowl serves my favorite one. (I usually get the Maui Sunrise, which is topped with blueberries, bananas, strawberries, coconut shavings, gluten/nut free granola, and honey). It’s absolutely delicious so if you have a Bonzai Bowl near you I definitely recommend the Maui Sunrise. I also love this place because of the way its decorated. It’s super beachy and has that California vibe that feels so homey to me. They have skateboards all over the walls and art pieces as well. It’s awesome for when you’re having a beach day and you can walk up to Bonzai Bowl for some acai!

The staff that works there is also super friendly and it seems like they actually enjoy working there. They have a few locations around Southern California; here’s their website if you’re curious to see their locations. I don’t know what it is about their bowls that make them so good but definitely stop by and check it out if theres one near you. The bowls are incredibly healthy and they have so many options. Smoothies and pitaya bowls are other options they offer on their menu. Unfortunately, it’s about $7 or $8 per bowl, so it’s a once in a while treat. But I think it’s totally worth it for such a healthy and satisfying meal! Hope you all are having the most wonderful day! 🙂

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