Sage Advice: Double Piercing

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Helloooo! So for a little while now I’ve been thinking about getting my ears double pierced. I got my ears pierced when I was 5 years old…that was 14 years ago haha! I just wanted to change things up a little and do something different. Plus, I love the look of a double piercing. It gives such a nice accent to your first piercing. About a week ago I decided to go into Claire’s and get the double piercing. I don’t have a very high pain tolerance, but I knew it couldn’t be that bad. And I was definitely right. There was barely any pain at all, just a little pinch. The worst part is probably just hearing the sound of the gun..not a great sound, but yet totally bearable.

Okay, let me back track for any of you younger girls who are thinking about getting a second piercing or even a first! The person doing your piercing will start by cleaning your ear lobe. Then, they’ll take a pen and mark where you’d like the earring to be. The next step may or may not happen. They’ll ask you whether you want them done one at a time or together. I had to tell her I preferred getting them done at the same time. When you do it this way, you get all the “pain” over with at once. I really shouldn’t call it pain, it didn’t hurt one bit. You get the pinch all at once..that’s better. They clean your ears once again and you’re done! You’ve got an adorable new addition.

I clean these at least twice a day. I really want to avoid any sort of infection I could get with a new piercing, and I recommend you do the same. Claire’s provided some cleaning solution for free, but regular alcohol would work just fine. I know this is probably information that most girls my age know. But for any of my followers who are younger and are curious about pain or simple piercings, I hope this helps. Definitely don’t be afraid of doing it, just go right in to Claire’s or another store where they do piercings, and go for it! I really am not good with pain, so when I say something is completely tolerable, I mean it hahaha. It only takes a couple seconds and you’re left with something you’ve wanted! Totally worth it in my opinion.

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