Casey Neistat’s “Beme” App

Social media’s great. It helps everyone connect with family, friends, and stay updated on important life events. But what happens when you’re constantly Snapchatting, posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and countless other platforms? You miss out on life. You miss seeing things with your own eyes and are fixed on a screen. This isn’t how we should be experiencing our lives.

Casey Neistat, an incredible filmmaker, has dedicate so much of his life to his new company called “Beme”. I could try to explain the idea behind Beme, but Casey can tell you in even better words in the video above. Basically, it is built around this idea of experiencing life for yourself and not worrying about capturing it on your phone. It’s very similar to Snapchat but instead incorporates this incredible meaning. Please check out the video, it really is inspiring.

When Casey finally introduced the app and the idea after months of waiting, at first I was like wow, that is exactly what Snapchat is. But after using it, I realize what a cool idea it is and the good he could be spreading with Beme. When my boyfriend and I were discussing it, he really hit the nail on the head when he said that using Beme is a completely different experience than simply hearing about what it is.

At this point, you can download the app but you must get a code to unlock it. Someone else who has a code must give it to you. Casey released an unlock code today on Twitter, which my boyfriend kindly gave me. I believe next week Casey will be releasing more codes for more people access the app. Since getting into it however, I’ve really loved it and can’t wait to connect with more people. Speaking of connecting, if you guys are interested in this and end up downloading the app, I’d love for you to add me! My username is sagepetersen, so if you’d like to see what I’m up to, go ahead and give me a follow! Hope you love this as much as I do! 🙂

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