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Hey everyone! Recently took a trip down to San Diego with the fam. I got to show them this amazing coffee shop that I usually go to while I’m at school. It’s called Better Buzz Coffee, and if you’re a coffee drinker you should get yourself to a Better Buzz ASAP! I love coffee so I’ve tried a lot of different brands, although I try not to drink it too much, so it’s a treat. Luckily, this place is right next to my school and it has a drive through! It just tastes SO much better than the usual Starbucks. Better Buzz is leaps and bounds better than Starbucks or any other coffee chain. I love their vanilla ice blended drink, it’s so sweet and totally to die for. Not only do they have amazing coffee, but their acai bowls are equally as good. If you follow me on Instagram, you know of my extensive purchases of acai bowls, so its nice to have a place near school that offers them.

Another reason why this place is a hidden gem is the interior decor. It’s designed in the cutest way with black and white and succulents everywhere. They have the coolest lighting fixtures and beautiful tiles on the wall. This place is exactly how I want to style my very first apartment in a year or two. Many people just come here to take pictures or experience the atmosphere. Others take that as a bad thing, but I say it gives them more business and exposure, so why not? I’m totally guilty of wanting to take photos here, I really appreciate all the hard work that was clearly put in to making this place so beautiful.

I believe they only have a couple locations. One in San Diego and another in Orange County. They also have a little kiosk at the Fashion Valley mall in San Diego. I can’t wait to grab some coffee during the school year and spend my time studying there. It’s okay if this sounds weird, but these kinds of artsy environments make me feel creative myself. It inspires me to create things that will leave a positive impression on others. Anyways, if you’re taking a trip to San Diego, definitely check this place out, it’s totally worth it and according to them, Life’s Better Buzzed!

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