Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Lash



Hey everybody! So sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, time has just been flying by. But I recently discovered an amazing mascara that I wanted to share with you all. I have stuck with only a couple different brands of mascara for years and years. However, I’ve been getting a little bored with those and have been having some problems with them since I have become more and more particular about my makeup.

I picked up the Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Lash from Target about a week ago and have been absolutely loving it! I actually randomly chose it, I wasn’t looking for anything specific. I never expected to love it though! The wand of this mascara bends slightly upwards so it fits your lash line. I never knew how useful this could be when applying mascara. It separates every lash and makes them look instantly fuller. I think that’s definitely the best feature of this mascara is that it does its job. A lot of other brands say how full they will make your lashes look and don’t keep that promise. But this one actually does.

It does take a couple coats with this to get just enough mascara. But it’s definitely worth the time when you see the results. My boyfriend even noticed my eyes looked different after I switched to this mascara. I’ll 100% be repurchasing this product. I recommend giving it a chance if you’re looking for a new mascara; totally a great buy!

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