“Girl Online” by Zoella

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Hey guys! So some of you may know that I love watching fashion and beauty gurus on YouTube. Some of my favorites are Zoella, Maddi Bragg, In the Frow (Victoria), CutiePieMarzia, and Danielle Mansutti. These are only a handful but today I just want to focus on talking about Zoella. Mainly because she recently released her new book! It’s called Girl Online and as of right now I’m only about five chapters into it. So far, I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT. Unfortunately high school kind of took the fun out of reading for me so I don’t read nearly as often as I used to. However, I am totally into this book and am actually excited to sit down and read it.

Let me tell you a little bit about the plot without spoiling any surprises or details. So the main character is a girl named Penny and she has a secret, anonymous blog. She is simply a normal teenage girl who is clumsy and crushes on boys. She suffers from panic attacks due to an event that I will not disclose (I’ll let you read it for yourself). She talks about her blog a lot in the book and I love how Zoella has put sections into chapters that are specifically what Penny writes in her blog. The book is set in Brighton, which is in England (and also where Zoella lives, I found that awesome that she set the book in her own town). The book goes through every event Penny experiences and exactly what she is thinking in those moments.

I think it’s because of the small details that I can relate to Penny so well. For one, she starts a blog just because. She wants to be completely real with it and share her thoughts, which are exactly my goals. She decorates her room just how I would. She suffers from occasional panic attacks..which, anyone who knows me closely knows I have suffered with anxiety and even panic attacks for years (I’ve thought about making a blog post about my experiences). There’s many other details about her school and family life that I could relate to closely as well. I think it’s super cool when I find a character that I can relate so much to.

But enough about me, I also wanted to mention the outside cover of the book. I think Zoe did such a fantastic job designing this cover. I mean, look at it..it’s gorgeous! You can tell a lot of though went into it and she wanted it to really represent her main character. The colors are bright and draw you right to it. It really is the epitome of her Penny.

I bought this at Barnes and Noble and I totally recommend you pick it up next time you’re near a book store. It has captivated me and I hope it can do the same for you. Any teenage girl can have some relatability to Penny. This coming of age novel is a great summer read so far and I applaud Zoella on expanding her creative ability beyond the internet! <3

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