Welcome to our Lives // Our First Vlog!

Hello lovelies! Trey and I finally posted our very first vlog on our channel. Vlogging has definitely been a new thing for us and were excited to continue with it. We’re still learning and improving, so please keep that in mind:) There are some days we didn’t vlog this week simply because nothing was happening. Trey works quite often so its difficult for us to be together every day to vlog. However, I am going to try to vlog more on my own and fill you guys in on what I have planned for the day.

In this vlog, we spend some time at the beach and went out on some date nights. Future videos won’t have this format, since we’ll be going back to school soon and continue with long distance. But for now, please enjoy these next couple weeks of videos with us together. It’s been fun bringing you guys along on our adventures:)

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