Lorde “400 Lux”

Totally throwing it back to last year when I listened to Lorde nonstop. I’m still completely in love with her music, but I definitely had a phase where I did nothing but listen to her. This song came on my Pandora radio as I was thinking of future blog posts and I was like hey, I should post some of her music. So here she is.

Trey and I would always listen to her album Pure Heroine as we would drive up to Disneyland the summer before our first year of college. This entire album takes me back to that summer and being a senior in high school. It’s crazy how time has changed. I still think this is such a great album and she’s such a unique artist. Her lyrics are so different and make you think, her beats are so catchy and cool.

For some reason her music really reminds me of the fall and winter so maybe I’ll share more of her music when the cold rolls around and school is up and running. Hope you guys enjoy her beats as much as I do! 🙂

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