My Workout Routine!

Hey everyone! Thought I’d share my workout routine that I’ve been doing throughout the summer. It makes me feel so good afterwards and I can definitely feel my muscles changing.

So first I start with cardio:

  • Run/walk on the treadmill. I run for as long as I can and slow down when I need to. I continue this running and faced paced walking for 30 minutes. I used to use the elliptical machine for a while and use the hill setting. But I’ve actually really been enjoying the treadmill lately. After I work up a sweat from this, I go onto ab workouts.

Ab Workout: *I do different workouts sometimes if I want to change things up, but this is simply what I’ve been doing lately. Also, after I do cardio I make sure to stretch a little bit.

  • I use this ab machine at my gym that basically allows you to do crunches. You have a bar in front of your chest and the weights are connected to that. You pull forward and lift the weights. It’s probably my favorite machine at the gym because I can do so many reps without it feeling like too much. I can definitely feel it working my ab muscles.
  • I then move to floor work. I usually start on my back and put my hands under my lower back. I start laying flat and then pull my knees up. I do at least 25 of these. I believe this works your lower stomach.
  • I then do some bicycles. Laying on my back and putting my hands behind my head, I pull my right elbow up to my left knee. It then switches to left elbow and right knee. I also do at least 25 of these, one rep consisting of both knees. It will probably burn a little, but you know it’s working that way!
  • I’ll then move onto a plank. Lay flat on your stomach to start. Then push up on your toes and elbows. I try to keep my back as flat as possible and not arch up at all. I’ll do this until it burns or until I just can’t hold it anymore.
  • I’ve also recently done something I haven’t done in a while. I start on my back, laying out flat. I put my hands under my lower back and pull my legs off the ground. I then push my legs up, getting my butt off the floor. I continue doing these at least 25 times.
  • If I’m in the mood, I’ll then move onto some arms. Sometimes I will use some of the arm machines that are at the gym. Other times, I’ll use a weighted ball or just some weights to do different arm exercises. Lately though, I’ve just been doing this ab workout and cardio.

So that’s been my whole workout for now. I want to add a little bit more soon. If I can remember a good workout, I’ll add that in to this usual routine as well. I hope this gave you some ideas!

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