Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Hello guys! So since I’m shocked that summer is wrapping up, I thought it was time to transition some of my clothes from summer to fall. These pieces I chose are light and still great for a bit of warm weather. But they can also be layered under or on top of different pieces. Here in Southern California, we don’t get incredibly cold weather, so we have to buy pieces that aren’t too heavy but will still keep us warm on those rare chilly days. Where my school is located, it tends to get a little colder since we get the lovely ocean breeze. So let’s jump right in; here are the pieces I selected:



These are some simple jeans I just recently purchased. I believe their technical term is Jamie jeans. They have small slits where your knees are, so they look really cool and rugged. They’re also a bit high waisted so a crop top would definitely work with them. I bought them in regular blue jean color and also the burgundy. The first pair will work with any outfit and the burgundy is absolutely stunning for the fall and winter! I think these would look nice with a white cropped t shirt and a black leather jacket with some quilting. Throw on some boots and you’re set for some chillier weather! I got these from Melrose in the O.C., a small boutique by my house, but I know Topshop sells these exact same pairs as well, and in more colors!


This next jacket is something I bought a couple years back actually, at Nordstrom. This jacket is pretty light but covers you up. It’s a simple denim jacket but with gray accents. The hood, cuffs, and bottom trim are all this same gray color. I really love the look of this jacket and how it’s cropped. It’s super unique and if it starts raining, you have a hood! I generally wear this with a t shirt, jeans, and boots. It works nicely with brown boots that go up to your knee. I can’t tell you how many times I wore an outfit like that on a chilly morning at school! (Thanks marine layer, lol).


This next sweater is one of my favorites lately. It’s a thin, soft pull over sweater. It’s also the same burgundy color as the jeans. If you haven’t noticed, I really love burgundy/maroon for the fall and winter! This sweater is so incredibly soft and comfortable. It curves in a way that is super flattering to your figure. I have the exact same sweater but in a gray color that I have worn in all seasons! Melrose in the O.C. sells so many different colors of this same style of sweater. They’ve had it forever; you could probably find a bunch of them on their website. Unfortunately though, this item needs to be hang dried after being washed.


This next sweater I got at Victoria’s Secret Pink. Since I worked there this summer, I stocked up on a ton of comfy clothes! This one has to be my favorite sweater I bought from there. It’s a gray color with two black striped along both sleeves. In white writing all along them is “Pink.” There is a small Pink logo on the chest. Also, there’s the word Pink scrawled out along the back and across the shoulders. I love the style of this and it is SO COMFY. Like seriously, I could live in this thing hahaha! It’s going to be perfect for studying and lounging around for my sophomore year of college!

So that’s all the items I had picked out for you guys. I hope it gave you some ideas! These are just some basics that I know will be vital for the fall/winter. Let me know which item is your favorite! <3

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