First Day of Sophomore Year!

So it’s official. I have moved into my dorm and I’m about to start my sophomore year of college. Summer went insanely quick, but I think I’m ready to knock out this year. I just wanted to run by what has been going on within the last couple days. This should be helpful to those who are just starting college. So since my college is only about an hour away from my house, I started packing the day before. I bought all my stuff throughout the summer and did one major shopping trip at Target a few days ago. I started to actually pack my stuff up into bins the day before move-in.

So come move-in day, my family, my boyfriend and I packed everything up into three cars. Yes, three cars. Don’t underestimate how much space you will need to transport everything. Moving in takes less time than packing everything up and moving out. Just remember this whenever you feel yourself getting stressed or overwhelmed. Once I was moved in, I said goodbye to my mom, dad, and sister. I took the rest of the day to spend my last hours with Trey. I took him around San Diego and to some of my favorite places. Once the day was coming to an end, we sat on the lawn of my dorm and just talked for a while. We knew it was time to say goodbye, but our time apart will fly by since we both have full schedules and are going to work this semester.

The first day has been a little tough for some reason, but much better than moving in last year. You’re much more sure of yourself Sophomore year. You know where everything is and you have people you know. I’m usually completely used to college life after about a week or so. So if your’e new to the college life, you will probably feel some nerves at first, but that will definitely go away when you start your school routine.

Anyways, just wanted to update you guys on my move in. Today I’ve been spending the day with my roommates; going to the beach and such. Also, my roommate and I are meeting a family that we will possibly be baby-sitting for. Cross your fingers we get the job! <3

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