College Bedding!


Hello lovelies! So I have moved into my new dorm and started my sophomore year of college. So far, I am loving it! My roommates are so fun and I have so much more space in my room than I did last year. I wanted to share what my bedding is like and where I got everything! I actually ordered my comforter earlier in the summer, so I’ve had it sitting around for a while and now I can finally use it! It’s got a beautiful blue, boho pattern all over. I really love bohemian prints like this, especially in this color. It also matches my surroundings perfectly, considering I live right next to the ocean! I got this comforter at Urban Outfitters.

I also have a purple body pillow. These things are amazing for college students. They’re super soft and comforting and you can lay all over them. I got this one at Costco. Lastly, I have my pillow cases and sheets. I though this coral color would go nicely with the blue. Also, these are sheets I used last year and I thought I could save a bit of money if I just used them again. I can’t remember exactly where I got these, but I’m almost positive they’re from Target. Then, to give my bed a sentimental touch, I put the teddy bear Trey got me for Valentine’s Day last year by the body pillow.

It’s a pretty simple set up, but I’ve really beed liking it. Also, I’m sorry if the pictures are a little dark, I have the bottom bunk to our bunk bed. Anyways, if you’re looking for cute bedding, definitely try Urban Outfitters and Target. They’re great places where you can find really usable items, but also ones that fit your unique style. Hope you like them! <3

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