The Lazy Hummingbird Coffee Shop



If you have followed my posts for a while, you know I love finding adorable little hole in the wall places. Especially coffee shops! My friends at school introduced me to this place in San Diego. It’s called the Lazy Hummingbird. There are certain details that make shops like this so special and unique. The paintings and different kinds of art on the walls made for awesome decorations. Small details like having different kinds of bowls and cups is something I think is super different and interesting. All of their furniture was different as well. None of the chairs were matching exactly and it totally fit the atmosphere. Back where the baristas made the coffee and acai bowls, the walls were painted black and everything looked very urban.

Outside they had an old chandelier with fairly lights draped around. Again, these unique details are something I really appreciate in a little place like this. Seeing things you don’t expect is something that makes a restaurant or coffee shop truly special. Not to mention, the acai bowls were amazing! I’ve gotten in a habit of getting peanut butter in mine and it is actually to die for! If you’re going to any acai place I definitely recommend getting one with peanut butter. It adds more protein and is totally delicious. I believe their large size was around $8, which is the typical price for an acai bowl that size. I saved half of it for the next morning’s breakfast since it was so much acai. If you’re in the San Diego area, definitely check this place out!

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