Autumn Inspired Outfits

Hey guys! So excited to finally post some new outfits that are perfect for the new autumn weather! (Even though in San Diego it’s still scorching). Even though I was sweating in my hot dorm room while taking these pictures, it’s totally worth it to share with you guys. All of these outfits have very neutral colors to match the season. The majority of these items can be found at Forever 21 and the other portion at H&M. I went to these stores specifically hoping to find warm clothes for my trip to Boston in November! Hope you enjoy!


This adorable mustard dress can be found at H&M. I’ve had this for a while now, so hopefully it’s still in stores. I think this is a great color for autumn and not too bright. It has three quarter sleeves and they are cinched at the end. The collar is a super simple shape and on the back there is a small zipper for detailing. This dress is actually pretty long, coming just above my knees. I paired these with my black slip ons with the quilted pattern, which can be found at Target. I love how versatile this dress is. You can throw jackets or sweaters over it whoever it gets cold or even pair it with some ankle boots. Can’t wait till it gets a little cooler so I can wear this!


This next piece is an olive green sweater. It’s knitted, so it’s super soft! It has the biggest turtleneck collar to keep your neck warm during those chilly weeks. One thing I REALLY love about this sweater though, is the sleeve length. Instead of it being a typical sweater, I love how the designer shortened up the sleeves. It makes it super unique! It’s also not too short in length, (I hate when sweaters are short, they’re meant to be long and cozy!) This sweater was definitely made to look baggy and comfy, and I love that about it. This can be found at Forever 21 right now! (Also, for some reason this olive color was super difficult to photograph, so I’m sorry if these photos aren’t top notch).


This third item is also a knitted sweater. This one is gray and especially long. I might even be able to wear it as a dress with some boots. It’s just as cozy as the previous sweater. At the top, it’s a typical warm, knitted sweater, but at the bottom there is the most beautiful detailing. The bottom is rimmed with lace that is the same gray color as the sweater. There’s not much else to say about it; it’s a comfy, minimalistic sweater with adorable detailing! This can also be found at Forever 21 right now!


Last, but certainly not least, is this olive green jacket. Hopefully this will keep me warm in the chilly Boston weather. I can’t wait to layer this jacket over sweaters like I did in these photos. It’s a very long jacket, probably the longest one I own. I have a similar army jacket, but it’s not nearly as long as this one. It has a bunch of pull ties all along the side, which gives it a messy look. It can be zipped up and buttoned up. On the back there is a cool hood as well. This is the classic olive jacket that everyone needs in their wardrobe during the fall/winter times. This can also currently be found at Forever 21!

That’s all I have for you guys now. All of these items were quite cheap (pretty much everything at Forever 21 or H&M is fairly cheap). So go take a look there if you’re searching for some new autumn and winter wear! I hope wherever you live it’s a lot cooler and more autumnal than it is here!

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