Vampire Lipstick Combination


Hello lovelies! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long. My family and I had to take an emergency trip to Nebraska for a family matter so my weeks have been pretty hectic lately. I’m hoping to post pictures from my trip since it was so beautiful there last weekend! Nonetheless, I’m not going to stop posting no matter how busy life gets!

I wanted to share with you all this fabulous lip combination that I created for my Halloween costume. I ended up going as a vampire, since I had a black dress and boots. I did some extremely dramatic dark eye makeup and this red lip to go along with it. I started with this great lip liner from Target from the brand Revlon. I’ve actually never used a lip liner before, but I think I love them! It really helped my lipstick to stay on all night, which I was super surprised by! It’s a ColorStay liner in the shade Wine. This was the perfect base coat to my next two shades.

I was planning on only using my wine colored matte lipstick (Diva) from Mac, but I decided to make it a little more interesting. I only lined the outer corners of my lips so that I could put a purple shade on top of that. I used the shade Pure Heroin from Mac, which is a matte lipstick for this step. I then went in with a red color for the very center of my lips. I used a Maybelline matte shade in Siren in Scarlet (690). This applied surprisingly well and didn’t feel as drying as the Mac lipstick. By blending these two shades together, I created a gorgeous dark ómbre effect. This pulled the whole vampy look together and looked amazing. If you’d like to see how I did this, or pictures of what it should look like, let me know in the comments below!

What did you guys dress up as this year? Did you do any fun makeup as well?

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