Small Target Fall Haul!

IMG_9476autumnHey guys! So I went to Target only looking for a pillow to make my bed at school a little more comfy and cozy. However, I ended up finding a few more things to feel even more autumnal. I’ll start with the pillow though. It’s faux fur and cream colored with gray streaks at the end of each strand. It almost looks like the fur of a wolf. I think fur is perfect for the fall/winter time and can really warm you up. It has finally started to get chilly in San Diego, so I’m super happy I have this one now. (I’m waiting for another cream colored faux fur pillow to come in the mail). Target has some great pillows like this and warm wintery blankets right now!

I also picked up some tea for those chilly, rainy nights. I love the Yogi brand and I’ve never tried this Cinnamon Vanilla flavor before, so I thought I’d try it out. It says it supports healthy skin, so I thought, hey, why not? It’s also caffeine free, which is a huge plus because I definitely cannot handle caffeine.

Next is an adorable copper colored tin mug. I absolutely love the shape of this little mug and its totally perfect for the season. WARNING: only use this mug for cold liquids, unless you want to risk the chance of burning your hand like I did. Other than that, I’m loving this thing and if all else fails, it’ll look super cute sitting on a shelf for decoration.

Lastly, doesn’t exactly fit my fall theme, but it’s a tube of mascara. I’ve been trying to test out a couple different mascaras to see which one I like best. I always buy my mascara from Target since it’s the cheapest option and I don’t really have a need for high end mascara. However, I’m currently going to try out these Falsies from Maybelline. Let me know if you guys have a favorite cheap mascara!

Hope you all had a great week and have some fun plans for the weekend! <3

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