Staying Cozy during the December Nights (Adore Me)

Hello lovelies! So November is over now and we are headed into the chilly month of December! With that comes cold, rainy days and chilly nights. San Diego doesn’t get snow or even much rain at all, but we do get a few cold days and nights. So I recently came across Adore Me, I’m sure you all have heard of it, they sell some beautiful lingerie pieces! They gave me the idea to create a post all about staying comfy and cozy during these chilling winter nights! I’m excited to get to show you some of their adorable items as well! Some of these images are from Adore Me and other items are from different companies. So let’s just jump right in!

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As I was browsing through the Adore Me website, I came across this set of pajamas. They’re very simple and black with white trim. They’ll keep you nice and warm during the night! Not to mention, they’re super cute! The name of this set is Matilda and I will link the page down below if you’re interested in purchasing them. It comes in a range of sizes as well from XS-2XL. I would pair these with some nice fuzzy socks to keep extra warm if it’s raining. I usually find some pretty nice, cozy socks at Target! They have this same set with short sleeves and shorts, which would be awesome for the warmer months! (second link below)

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Here are some items to make sure you stay super cute and fashionable, even in the colder weather! All these colors are perfect for the fall and winter time, I absolutely love them! I really love the smaller accents they have on their pieces. I think these are all so unique and not something you find in your typical lingerie store. Not only would this be great to look adorable at night, but they would also work for underneath normal clothing during the day! The lace could make for a great little accent to any outfit! They have so many options so I definitely recommend you check out their site and see what else they have to offer. (Not to mention, I love how they set up their photographs, but that’s just the graphic designer in me talking.)





Here are some pieces from Victoria’s Secret Pink. I was surprised at how many options they had for pajamas lately! I found these comfy pajama bottoms that have the coolest elastic band at the waistline. These first ones are simple grey bottoms that can be paired with so many tops. They are almost in the style of joggers as well, so they’re tighter at the ankles. I love this kind of cut and the material is very stretchy and comfortable for the nighttime. I paired this particular pair with this long sleeved t shirt dress. This was also a part of their sleepwear line. I just love this burgundy color for the winter seasons and on the front in white lettering it says: born to sleep. This t shirt dress will be perfect for the summer as well, just by itself.

The next pair are a flannel print and the same exact cut. I thought this looked like the classic p.j. bottoms, so I just had to get them! They have the same elastic waist band as the first pair. The ankle section is black to match the rest of the print. The top however, is white with the same flannel print for the letter which says: I like you and naps. It’s a t shirt dress as well and can be worn by itself. I’ve really been loving wearing these different pieces together since they are pretty warm and cover you up. I also really like how all of these can be mixed and matched with different pieces.

So I hope you guys love all of these pieces as much as I do and if you like anything go ahead and check out Adore Me or Pink! Thank you to Adore Me for the post idea, it was super fun to collaborate with you! If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below, email me, or message me on any of my social media! Thanks loves<3

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