DIY Christmas Decoration!

Hey guys! I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but these last couple weeks have been insane with finals and such. However, I have just created an amazing Christmas banner and needed to share it with you all!


This banner was made with some simple items all from Michael’s craft store. Now, I’m not usually one to be into DIY’s, but since this one worked out so well, maybe I’ll try out some more. If you loved the way this Christmas inspired sign turned out, keep reading!

THINGS YOU’LL NEED: Mod Podge, red glitter, twine, a white permanent marker, brown paper, some fake branches (comes in a roll, as shown below), a roll of laminated burlap, a small paint brush, scissors, a pencil, a ruler, and a hot glue gun.



I started out by drawing a triangle onto the brown paper. Each side of the triangle was 5 inches long. You can make these triangles as long as you would like, but this is the size I preferred. I then took that shape and cut it out. This first triangle was traced 8 different times. I cut all of those out and ended up with 9 triangles in total. (I needed 9 because I wanted to spell out “Christmas”). DSCN2117.JPG


Once all of the triangles are cut out, take a pencil and trace out the letters on each shape. I chose a script-like, loose font since I didn’t want it to look exactly perfect. I took a white permanent marker and traced over my penciled letters. I also added in some random groups of dots on each triangle to decorate them a little more. DSCN2123.JPG










The next step is to decorate with some red glitter. This really adds to the festivity of this DIY. Start by dipping your pain brush in some Mod Podge. Line the sides of the triangle. Then sprinkle on the glitter and tap off the excess once you are done covering the line of Mod Podge. I didn’t add a line on the top because I liked the simplicity of only the sides having glitter and it wouldn’t look too overbearing. However, if you’d like to add this red glitter other places, definitely go for it! It may turn out even better than mine! This glitter was quite messy, so I took the excess and poured it back into the box so it wouldn’t go to waste. You may also need to take a clean paint brush and dust off the glitter that got around the lettering, just to clean it up a little.




The next thing to do is similar to the first step. Cut out a 5 inch triangle from the burlap. Use this triangle to trace out four others and cut those out. You should end up with 5 triangles to use as an accent to the brown paper. They will be hot glued to the backs of some of the brown triangles.



This is the step in which you begin hot glueing your triangles onto the twine. I didn’t know how much space the triangles would need, so I didn’t cut the twine until the end. Simply place three small drops of hot glue along the tops of the triangles on the back. The trick is though, that you must glue them from right to left, so the word “Christmas” doesn’t come out backwards. DSCN2134.JPG



Your second to last step will be to glue on the burlap triangles. You can add these wherever you like, but I placed them so they peek out from underneath the brown triangles. The burlap triangles are laminated, which means only one side has the actual burlap texture on it. I made sure the textured side was showing by applying the hot glue directly to the brown triangles and laying the burlap face down on the glue. Refer to the picture below if this is a bit confusing. I laid down the burlap triangles in a random order, but every other space would look adorable as well!



Now this last step is actually not needed, and I think next time I do this project I will leave it out. But I took my roll of twigs and cut them into smaller sticks. I then hot glued these on randomly onto my banner. I thought this would give it a very rustic, earthy feel, which was the look I was going for. They are barely noticeable until you get closer to the sign. It’s definitely cute, but it’s totally your choice whether or not to include them! DSCN2143.JPG

And there you have it! An adorable rustic Christmas decoration that you made yourself! I’m not usually one to be into DIY’s, but I actually really enjoyed doing this! If you gave this a try, let me know in the comments or if you have any tips, please let me know! I really hope you loved this project and that it inspired you this holiday season! Merry Christmas everyone! ❤




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