What I Got for Christmas 2015!

// Hello loves! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year! Unfortunately, I was quite sick on New Years Eve and New Years Day, so I spent that time relaxing with the bf and family. Christmas however, was very fun and my last few days before I got hit with that sickness. So this post has been in my head for quite some time and I’m sorry it’s being posted this late! However, my cold is almost over and I can finally show you guys what I got for Christmas! I’m so blessed and fortunate to have received all that I did and I’m very grateful! //

So the first thing I got (and probably the most important) is my Nikon D5500 camera! As you all know, I am majoring in graphic design, so this is not only useful for my love of photography, but also future classes that I will be taking. The quality of my photos is very important not only to me personally, but for my success in graphic design in the future. I am so so so excited to use this camera and see what it can do. I’ve worked with it a bit and I can definitely say I’m in love with it. The screen is huge on this camera and can also flip out if you are recording a video. All of these photos were taken with my D5500 (except for the photo of itself, of course!) Let me know if you have any questions about this model!


The next gift I was completely not expecting and was so excited to receive! And that is Nume curling wands. I have been wanting a Nume product (specifically a larger barrel) for quite some time now. This set came with large, medium, and small barrels. You can achieve so many different styles of curls with these, but I have specifically been loving the largest one. You get the most perfect beachy waves and an almost effortless look. I’m absolutely loving them so I definitely recommend you check out their products on their site!


To continue with the beauty product trend, I was over the moon to receive the new Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette! I have been wanting to get my hands on this for a while, and I have been using it every day! It’s the perfect combination of glittery, metallic, and matte shades. They are all made to create the ideal smoky eye look, but I have been using these shades for an everyday look! I’d say all these shades are close to flawless to get that perfect smoky eye! I can’t wait for a night out so I can try out a smoky look! (I did a glitter makeup tutorial using shades from this palette, which you can find here).


This next beauty product I actually got for myself. It’s this gorgeous lipstick in the shade “Brink” from ColourPop. I have never used their products before, but after trying this out, I love them! This shade is a nude color with brown and reddish undertones. It works well with my skin tone and is a great color for a variety of looks. Altogether, both the lipstick and the liner, were $10 in total. However, I did get $5 off shipping since it was my first purchase. So normally, it would be $15, which is still an amazing deal for two products! I found this on Lindseyrem‘s YouTube video about ColourPop lip products. I have that linked so you can check out the variety of colors that they offer. What I love about these lipsticks and liners is that they’re matte but go on so creamy. They were so easy to use and definitely weren’t as drying as Mac lipsticks. Of course, all lipsticks will dry you out a little, but I found my lips weren’t as dehydrated with this product as compared to Mac.


This next gift is so cute and I’m super excited to use it! It’s this adorable, big planner. My mom got this for me so I could plan out all my blog posts, which will hopefully help me be more consistent, haha! But it has this beautiful wooden look with white flowers on the front and a wired binding. It’s exactly the kind of look I’ve been into lately and I never buy huge planners like this, which is an awesome change of pace.


The next are some books. The first photo are some coffee table books all about fashion. The first is the Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior and the other is Fifty Dresses that Changed the World by Design Museum. Once I get an apartment, I think these would look absolutely adorable on a coffee table or as decoration on a shelf. The next photo are three classic books: Through the Looking Glass, Wuthering Heights, and the Scarlet Letter. The creative approach to these old classics is stunning and will be the start to a classic book collection. I think they are so artistic and beautifully made!



The next items are some card sets. I love writing and receiving cards in the mail and it’s definitely something that people don’t do often anymore. These cards are beautiful and I can’t wait to use them! The first set is simply white and gold stripe with matching envelopes. They’re super minimalistic and cute. The second set has my favorite things on them: donuts! These are so unique and colorful and I’m so looking forward to sending these babies out. These donut inspired cards also came with matching blue envelopes.


This next gift was super simple, but definitely something I’m going to love wearing. These are an earring set from Tilly’s and I love the rustic gold looks with the little turquoise pair thrown in. The feather and bird themes are beautiful. I’m excited to mix and match these with my double piercing.


This next item may seem a little odd, but I’m actually excited to use it! And that’s a selfie stick. I’ve seen so many people use them. Some think they’re ridiculous, and others use them to take awesome pictures of their lives! I’m hoping this will help me to take more photos of moments I have with friends in college, since I haven’t been the best at documenting my experiences there.


And the last of my favorite items is this stick figure man. If you’re confused as to why I got this, it’s okay, let me explain. These are used by artists to sketch and create gestural drawings, for example. For me, since it has artistic connotations, I’ll probably use it for decoration and sketching at some point. I thought this was such a cute little gift to give someone who is artistic. It’s a small and simple item that will make any visual art or graphic design major excited! p.s. look how fabulous he is!!


So yeah these were some of my favorite gifts that I got for Christmas! What did you guys receive? Were there any gifts that you gave to someone else that you thought were great as well? I’d love to hear! Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a happy holiday! >>


  1. January 7, 2016 / 9:32 am

    Glad you liked all your gifts. Now that I’m seeing them all photographed I want some of them for myself. Great post! xo

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