Lush Shampoo Bar: Seanik

// Hello loves! So if you follow my Instagram (@sage_oliviaa, shameless self promo) you’ll know that for Christmas my boyfriend got me a box full of Lush products. This was a fantastic surprise and it came with so many products all centered around an ocean theme! He knows me so well<3 I want to show you all the products I’ve been loving from the box so let’s jump right into it! //


DSC_0002This is is called Seanik and it’s a Shampoo Bar that includes Nori Seaweed. You can even see the little chunks of seaweed in the bar. This obviously goes perfectly with the ocean theme and it’s actually been one of the products that works the best and does exactly what it says in its description! At first I thought, how do I use a soap bar as a shampoo. But after trying it out, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually produces a ton of product after running it through your hair. You literally take the bar and massage it into your hair and scalp. After you’ve gotten enough of the product, you can work the lather into your hair as if you’re using a normal liquid shampoo.

It definitely smells beachy and has that ocean vibe. The colors are also so beautiful in this bar with the turquoise and green from the seaweed. I don’t think they could’ve put a better shampoo into this ocean themed Lush set. It is a fairly small bar, maybe about two inches around, but it’s seemed to keep its original size after a couple washes. It might also be important to note that I do have quite a lot of hair and need a good amount of shampoo. So for someone with short hair, I can only imagine how long this thing could last!

I want to make a post about every item in this box to hopefully help you all find new and exciting Lush products that you love! And I’ll be honest, if I don’t like the product, I’ll be sure to include that in my review. Hope you all are having a great end to this holiday break! xx

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