January 2016 Current Playlist

// Hello guys! Since I am a huge music lover, I am frequently checking out new music and creating new playlists, whether that be on iTunes or on Spotify. I do have a Music section here on my blog (categories on the very bottom), but I don’t think I have ever shared an entire playlist with my followers. If you’ve read my posts for a while, you know I love me some good ol’ alternative/indie music or up and coming artists. So this playlist is filled with alternative music from Coldplay, to Lorde, to The Neighbourhood! One song I’ve particularly loved in these past few days is Genghis Khan by Miike Snow. So here’s the list, I definitely recommend you check out every artist on it! //

Teen Idle: Marina and The Diamonds

Adventure of a Lifetime: Coldplay

Bravado: Lorde

Army of One: Coldplay

Breezeblocks: alt-J

Buzzcut Season: Lorde

Camera: Young the Giant

Chandelier: Sia

Clocks: Coldplay

Coming of Age: Foster the People

Cool Kids: Echosmith

Daddy Issues: The Neighbourhood

Elastic Heart: Sia

Fire Meet Gasoline: Sia

Fitzpleasure: alt-J

The Funeral: Band of Horses

Glory and Gore: Lorde

Greetings from Califournia: The Neighbourhood

Homecoming (feat. Chris Martin): Kanye West

Hymn for the Weekend: Coldplay

I Sold My Bed, But Not Not My Stereo: Capital Cities

I Will Follow You Into the Dark: Death Cab for Cutie

Love Lockdown: Kanye West

Midnight: Coldplay

Nightlight: Silversun Pickups

Long Way Down: Robert DeLong

Genghis Khan: Miike Snow

*You may notice Coldplay is on here quite a bit, so if you’re not a fan, I apologize. But they are my ABSOLUTE favorite band*<3


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