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// Hey loves! So as I was going through my usual laundry routine between homework (yes, I’m adulting!) I remembered I really need to post on this blog. I’ve also really been wanting to talk to you guys more about the new Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette. It’s been mentioned a few times in my previous posts, (for example in my What I Got for Christmas 2015) but I’ve never spoken about it in detail or talked about each shade. I also wanted to mention how OBSESSED I am with the packaging! The front has a beautiful graphic of gray smoke! And I think this palette is definitely up to par and worthy of its own separate post. <3 So here we go! //



So I grouped the first five shades of the palette together because they all have a metallic look. The names of them are (from left to right): High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor, and Slanted.

  1. High is a pinky shade that’s perfect for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes and your brow bone.
  2. Dirtysweet is a gold shade that I personally love to use all over my lid. It’s very pigmented and definitely one of my favorites since it can even be used for a natural look.
  3. The third, Radar, is similar to Dirtysweet but has more of a brown undertone and in my opinion isn’t as pigmented, but that’s alright. Again, this is a neutral shade that can be used not just for a dramatic smoky eye.
  4. Next, Armor is a gorgeous silvery shade. I would have loved to use this during New Year’s Eve! This would also work for your inner corner to highlight and make your eyes look bigger. This paired with High would make a gorgeous, ultra shimmery pink and silver look!
  5. The last of this metallic group, Slanted, is similar to Armor, but definitely has more of a deep gray undertone. This shade will definitely help in making the ideal smoky eye! You may even be able to get away with using this shade in an every day makeup look.



These next three shades are grouped together because they definitely still have a shimmery essence to them, but definitely not as much as the metallics do. They are called: Dagger, Black Market, and Smolder.

  1. Dagger is a gorgeous gray color with blue undertones. This color with the purple Smolder would be a match made in Heaven! I love a good blue/gray eyeshadow look and this is 100% the shade for that! (This is also probably one of my favorite shades as well!)
  2. The next is Black Market, which is without a doubt the darkest shade in the entire Smoky palette. This is not a black shade, but pretty close to it. It is a deep, deep gray that would be great to darken up your outer V when trying to smoke out your eyes.
  3. The third and last of this shimmery trio is Smolder. I don’t know where else you could find such a beautiful plum shade. It’s not to bright and isn’t too similar to the other dark shades. Urban Decay really hit the nail on the head with these gloomy yet striking shades!



We have made it to the last four shades! These are the more neutral, silky and matte shades of the palette. All of these are excellent when used as transition colors. They blend so well into all the other shades and are EXTREMELY creamy, which I love! The names of these are: Password, Whiskey, Combust, and Thirteen.

  1. Password is another gray shade, but very muted. It looks as if it has an almost purple undertone.
  2. Second, Whiskey, is a gorgeous brown shade that would be perfect for an everyday makeup routine. It isn’t too dark, but can definitely be builded upon (as I did in the photo) to darken it up for a smoked out eye.
  3. Third, Combust, is the ideal transition color! I use this in my crease so often now. It’s difficult to see on my arm since it is almost the same shade as my skin. I built it up as much as possible to show you guys. But this is seriously one of the most perfect shades I’ve ever used and again, very creamy and easy to apply.
  4. The last shade! Thirteen is a beautiful, nearly white color. This is very good for highlighting your inner corners and brow bone as well. It will definitely open up your eyes and make you look awake (which everyone knows, us college students need more than anything with those 7:30 classes!)

So I hope this helped you guys see what exactly is in this palette and whether or not you want to purchase it. I definitely, without a doubt, recommend purchasing this palette. It will create the ideal smoky eye and give you just what you need! If you have any questions, as always, feel free to comment or contact me! Hope you all are having a great end of your week! 🙂


  1. January 22, 2016 / 5:06 am

    I definitely need to go buy this. Gorgeous shades of color. 😀

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