Urth Caffé // Laguna Beach

// Hello everyone! Here is my review of Urth Caffé, as promised! There are multiple locations in the Los Angles area, but the Laguna Beach location is closest for me! It’s such a cute and unique building with white trim. It is also right across the street from the Laguna Art Museum (perfect for me! lol). It was such a big place, bigger than I anticipated! They had a line out the door multiple times, but because they had so many tables and such a large space, we did not have to wait long for our food at all. The atmosphere is super casual and has that awesome beachy vibe. //

VSCO Cam-1-3.jpg




The day we went (Saturday), Urth was only open until 12 in the afternoon. So my sister and I decided to go for brunch. Normally, they are open longer but that day, only until 12. Skye got a breakfast burrito and I got a beautiful Honey Vanilla Latte and the Eggs Verde (from their menu: two poached organic eggs over a bed of wild arugula, roasted corn, baby tomatoes and poached asparagus spears tossed with peppercorn dressing. Garnished with cracked black pepper, basil oil and reggiano parmesan cheese). Everything we got was vegetarian, since Skye has been one her whole life and I have recently decided to go vegetarian again! The portions were fairly small, although just enough for brunch.


VSCO Cam-1.jpg


Overall, I really loved the vibe of this place and I can’t wait to try out more items on their menu. To be honest though, the service could be ever so slightly better, not gonna lie. Can I just mention how artistic their lattes are, though?! Beautifully made! It’s little details like that that make me want to come back to a restaurant.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review, let me know if you’d like me to do more on small places like these if you’ll be in the Orange County/San Diego area! ❤

// Sage //


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