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// Hi loves! I’ve been super into layering necklaces lately, especially crystal necklaces. So I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you and give some ideas on which types of necklaces are best for layering! Let’s get right to it! //


This first necklace actually came layered. I believe I got this from Urban Outfitters. It had another necklace layer to it but unfortunately, it broke:( Regardless, I still think it’s a gorgeous piece with a rustic gold color. The longest one is probably my favorite. It’s a simple vertical line, but I think having minimalism when layering is very important. Little pieces like that really add to the detail and uniqueness of wearing multiple necklaces. The second one is a simple arrow and dramatically shorter than the first one. I loved wearing this with a short black dress. It gave that nice boho, tried but looked as if you didn’t try, look.



This next one has been shown countless times on my blog. It’s probably one of my favorite necklaces I’ve ever owned. My boyfriend got this for me off of Etsy. It’s a simple holographic crystal necklace. I chose the transparent one, and I love the way this looks either by itself or with multiple pieces. It almost changes color in different light, so it can look different depending on where you’re standing. This is definitely one of my must haves, and they come in so many different colors if you don’t love this one!



This gorgeous crossed necklace is similar to the first one. A gold rustic color and simple enough to be layered. As you can tell, I really love more geometric looks and straight lines. It looks very clean and put together without putting much effort in. This one is pretty straight forward, but still one of my favorites. I got this at a small boutique in my city, but I’m sure you can find something similar elsewhere.



Next is one of my more recent purchases. I’m in love with this green/turquoise crystal necklace. The gold chain and border around the crystal go perfectly with the shade. It’s super shiny, just like a real crystal would be. This also gives off that awesome boho vibe that I love! Since it is so small and dainty, this makes for the perfect layering piece! This was also bought at a small boutique.


The very last piece is SUPER simple! This necklace is made from black suede string purchased from Michaels. I believe the string was only $4. I simple cut a long strand of this and tied little knots at both ends. I will then wrap it a couple times around and connect both ends together in a knot. This gives the look of multiple necklaces, when it is only one long string! Genius! I duplicated this from Lindsey Rem, who has an awesome YouTube channel! This trend of the long black suede string can be found at multiple high end places, but this is a WAY cheaper alternative. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this, and it was almost no effort! Perfect for this on the go college student!!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it gave you some inspiration on how to style your necklaces!

// Sage //

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