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// Hey lovelies! When I have a lot of school work to get done and I’m tired of the same old dorm environment, I love to find new places to go and explore. Quiet places, preferably with coffee or food! I have found one of these amazing places and I’d love to share it with you all. I’ve known about this place for a while and go here once in a while. However, it’s just too cute not to blog about! It’s called The Living Room and it’s an old house turned café/restaurant. It has an upstairs and and a downstairs filled with chairs and couches. It’s very homey and a place where most of the college students from my school go to study. It’s such a unique place, so I took some pictures. They are pictured below: //

VSCO Cam-1-2



Here is what the outside looks like. It 100% looks like it could be somebody’s home. I will try to get a complete photo of it another time, since I didn’t get one this last time I went. There are plenty of benches and chairs for you to sit and tables to get work done or have some food and coffee with friends.


VSCO Cam-1-3



Now immediately when you walk in you are greeted by a massive amount of pastries and posters and records all over the walls. This opens up one of the main rooms where there are couches and more places to sit. I think the walls and all the decorations are what really make this place so amazing and unique. It has such an old, antiquey vibe to it that adds to the homeyness.



IMG_9989.JPGAs you walk to the upstairs, there are beautiful light yellow walls and yes, you guess it! More couches! I think this is why college students love being here so much. There are actual comfy couches to study on instead of school chairs and desks! I love how they mix and matches all their tables, chairs, and couches. It really adds to the aesthetic they’re clearly going for.


So of course here I am studying away for Philosophy with my iced coffee on one of our warmer days in San Diego. Definitely check The Living Room out of you’re a college student in SD! You’ll love the cute and comfortable vibe. Not to mention, the customer service is always so nice and they employees are constantly friendly and caring. I haven’t had one bad experience at this place, so I definitely recommend it. I think they have a couple locations in San Diego, so look it up if you’re curious! <3

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