Vegan Recipes You Have To Try! (Even if You’re Not Vegan) //

Hey loves! Since I’ve been researching so much about health and vegan/vegetarian diets, I came across this video in my suggested video category on YouTube. This video by Bonnyrebecca shows so many different meal options for vegans. They look super simple to put together and incredibly yummy! They’re so easy to pack in some tupperware and take to go! This is especially perfect for me since I have over four hour blocks of art and design classes a couple days a week.

Although I am not a vegan, I do aspire to eat this healthy one day. For those of you who are full blown vegans, I think you’ll really enjoy these recipe ideas! I the wrap, which is the last meal she showed, sounds especially delicious! Even if you are not a vegan, try these out! You might be pleasantly surprised.

I’m hoping during the summer I’ll have more time to make recipes like this and try to eat like this everyday. I love how she said to make meals in bulk and save them for the week. This would definitely save you time and energy during your busy schedule on weekdays! Plus, just look at how beautiful every meal is!

Anyway, I hope this inspired some of you or gave you some ideas on how to eat in a way that will benefit your body and health! I’ll definitely be trying some of these out! Check out my last post about my pescatarian journey so far! Thanks!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Vegan Recipes You Have To Try! (Even if You’re Not Vegan) //

  1. Ooh, I’d love to try some of these out! I’m not vegan myself but I do want to eat healthier and that pasta she made for lunch looks sooo delicious (but I think I’m biased because I love pasta). Plus, I agree these all look super simple so I think that gives me more of a reason to try these out. Thanks for sharing! (also, LOVE your tumblr 🙂

    Sam |


    1. I’m definitely in the same boat! eating healthy in general, even if you’re not vegan just feels so good! hoping to try some of these this weekend. and thank you so much, I work super hard on my tumblr lol:)


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