Springtime OOTD

So I know it’s not officially springtime yet, but I’m definitely anticipating it with this warm weather we’ve been having. I decided to take advantage of it before El Niño hits us again in a day or so. This dress is so incredibly comfortable and extra flowy. I love pieces like this for the spring and summer since they help keep you cool in the sunny weather. Let’s jump right into the photos and I hope it helps you with some spring/summer outfit ideas!


DSC_0069 2.JPG

The print on this dress is filled with different shades of blue. I love all the graphic triangles on it and how they’re all different shapes!



An adorable braided tie wraps around your waist from the back. There are dark blue beads at the ends of the wrap, which is a very nice detail. Also, I figured since I usually wear this to the beach, shoes were unnecessary. 🙂



I accessorized this dress with a black bralette from Urban Outfitters and a holographic crystal necklace from Etsy. Normally, I will wear this as a coverup over a bathing suit, so I will not need the bralette. For photo purposes though, the bralette worked well.


My nail polish unintentionally matched with the dress, so here’s a picture lol.

I bought this dress at a store called Muse in Laguna Beach many years ago. They probably do not sell it anymore, so I’m glad I snagged it then. Dresses that are built like this one are so comfy for any body type and they aren’t very hard to find. Hope you all are enjoying the sunny weather (or rainy weather, depending on where you’re at). <3


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